School of Computing Research Hub


APIIT School of Computing Research hub prides itself on fostering a culture of innovation, discovery and intellectual curiosity. With a commitment to advancing knowledge across various domains, the school provides a rich environment for Computing students and faculty to engage in cutting-edge research.  

The diverse range of reseach opportunities at APIIT School of Computing reflects its dedication to academic excellence and the pursuit of ground braking discoveries.  

Research training via Final year modules: School of Computing presents a module Emerging Technologies from which students are extensively trained on producing research artefacts such as Research papers and Posters.  

Mandatory research based Final Year Individual Project: Computing students of APIIT goes through a mandatory research based final year project where students implement a software product to solve a problem. Project involves a mandatory research component; where students need to perform domain study, similar systems study, technical study, identify a research gap and implement the product to bridge these gaps.  

Insights and Support: APIIT School of Computing provides valuable insights into research philosophy, process, and techniques, equipping their students with the necessary tools to pursue their scholarly endeavours. Additionally, they support the development of essential skills and competencies required for successful research applications. 

Platform for Scholarly Work: School of Computing of APIIT serves as a platform for the presentation and publication of scholarly work of their students and faculty members. Students and faculty members obtain the opportunity of receiving publication funding via the APIIT Lab pillar for publications and attending research conferences. It is usually common for the students to publish research papers based on their final year projects.

  • Tharanga Peiris and Umanga Pilapitiya, “Tailored software design for remote communication skill development in SE curriculums”, 7th International conference on Engineering and Emerging Technologies, October 27-28, 2021 – Turkey, Istanbul. 
  • Tharanga Peiris, “Study on challenges faced by non-state universities in adopting online tools: with special reference to ABC university, Annual research symposium 2021, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

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