Law School Research Hub


The Research Hub of APIIT Law School is a dynamic and collaborative platform dedicated to fostering a culture of research and innovation. Committed to nurturing lifelong learners, the Research Hub encourages both academics and students to explore, innovate, and discover new knowledge in emerging areas. Through various initiatives, the Research Hub aims to inculcate a strong research culture within APIIT Law School. 

Dialogue and Collaboration: The Research Hub facilitates open dialogue and collaboration among academics and students, fostering an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and knowledge. 

Insights and Support: It provides valuable insights into research philosophy, process, and techniques, equipping researchers with the necessary tools to pursue their scholarly endeavors. Additionally, the hub supports the development of essential skills and competencies required for successful research applications. 

Research Collaborations: The Research Hub actively promotes and facilitates research collaborations between APIIT Law School and other universities, fostering a global network of knowledge sharing and cooperation. 

Platform for Scholarly Work: It serves as a consolidated platform for the presentation and publication of scholarly work, providing researchers with the opportunity to showcase their findings and contribute to the academic community. 

The Research Hub has been instrumental in organizing significant events, such as the International Law Symposium 2023, which was a testament to its commitment to advancing legal research and scholarship. Furthermore, the hub has collaborated with the Legal Research Unit of the Faculty of Law, further expanding the frontiers for research and innovation. 

The Research Hub of APIIT Law School is a vibrant and forward-thinking initiative that plays a pivotal role in fostering a robust research culture within the institution. By encouraging exploration, collaboration, and the pursuit of new knowledge, the hub is instrumental in shaping the next generation of legal scholars and professionals. 

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