APIIT Alumni

APIIT-Sri Lanka strives to keep in touch with all alumni and keep track of their career progression, beyond the completion of their studies. 

The APIIT Alumni Office encourages graduates to actively participate in APIIT activities and interact with current students and staff. It also supports continuous professional development and promotes a lifelong relationship of interaction among alumni for mutual benefit. This is the forum for any alumnus to remain an active member of APIIT-Sri Lanka and be in constant touch with their colleagues. 

To broaden the network of all Alumni and provide international exposure, APIIT-Sri Lanka has launched the APIIT-SU Alumni Association. This facilitates the networking of APIIT-SU alumni and promote alumni bonding between APIIT-Sri Lanka and Staffordshire University. 

Mohamed Amir Zulfikar

International Business Management

Mr. Amir Zulfikar is a Lecturer of APIIT Business School and School of Foundation Studies while being the Assistant Coordinator for the ‘Self & Society’ Module. A proud APIIT graduate who pursued International Business Management while specializing in Professional Digital Marketing, Amir’s journey into academia was inspired by a genuine love for sharing insights and helping others excel in their educational pursuits. He is currently pursuing his qualifications at Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) as well as an MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) with the aim to bring in valuable, real-world perspectives and knowledge into his lectures. He currently teaches Digital Literacy and Communication, Self and Society and Information Systems in Organizations.  

Harith Indra

LLB (Hons) Law

Mr. Harith Indra is currently working for a venture capital called Acornic Ventures as Executive Analyst. In his role, Mr. Harith performs numerous tasks the main including the analyzation of travel-tech startups who are looking for a pre-seed and seed capital. And making investment plans. This profession allows him the necessary freedom and he enjoys the exposure and knowledge that he gets from it. 

Shimantha Perera

Dip. Software Engineering

Mr. Shimantha Perera works at Mitra Innovation as a Senior Project Management. He manages software project delivery (in very high level). Mr. Shimantha is passionate about collaborating with the project teams, clients and other stakeholders to create/deliver innovative and quality solutions. 

Lalindra De Silva


Mr. Lalindra De Silva works is an Account Manager at Adventus.io 

He works with a portfolio of Recruiters across all Adventus Partner Universities & Institutions to meet and exceed student enrolment goals. As a B-to-B platform, Globally, he play a part in sourcing students throughout the calendar year, budgeting, planning, execution of regional sales plans in collaboration with teams, stakeholders, the Regional Manager and Senior Director is also a part of the job role. Mr. Lalindra is passionate about finding solutions at the highest level all the while contributing to local, regional and global economies in a sustainable manner.

Alosha Herath


Ms. Alosha Herath is the current Head – School of Law at ESOFT Metro Campus -Colombo, and an Attorney at Law at the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. In her designated role she oversees the academic and administrative functions of the Law School, ensuring effective legal education. Simultaneously practicing as a lawyer, they bring real-world legal experience to enhance teaching and mentor students in practical aspects of the law. She’s passionate about fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for aspiring legal minds, shaping the future of the legal profession through education, and making a positive impact through both academic leadership and active engagement in legal practice.

Nafly Aliyar

LLB (Hons) Law

Mr. Nafly Aliyar is the Chief Legal Officer at the Colombo International Institute of Science & Technology, Sri Lanka. In his role Mr. Nafly is the responsible officer for all legal matters pertaining to the company and he’s a member of the corporate management. Being a professional driven into the field of education management in addition to his career in law, Mr. Nafly is passionate about empowering individuals through education, transcending boundaries, and nurturing global citizens who lead positive change. 

Dilki Delgoda

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security

Ms. Dilki Delgoda works at Connex Information Technologies as an Associate Engineer – Network & Security Department.  

Ms. Dilki specializes in implementing and supporting cybersecurity solutions, particularly in PAM and SIEM products like Delina and CyberArk. Her crucial role involves deploying, configuring, and optimizing these solutions to enhance clients’ security and protect digital assets. Passionate about shaping modern cybersecurity solutions. She is committed to fortify digital landscapes. Ms. Dilki finds purpose in implementing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to proactively address evolving threats, contributing to a safer and more resilient digital environment.

Sandun Samaratunga

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

Mr. Sandun Samaratunga works at the National Agency for Public Private Partnership, Ministry of Finance, Stabilization & National Policies as a Financial Analyst/Project Officer. In his role he assesses the economic viability and fiscal sustainability of public-private partnership projects. Mr. Sandun is passionate about fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive sustainable development and economic growth. 

Dulana Jayasundara

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security

Dulana is currently employed at people’s bank/ Information security department as an assistant manager/ cybersecurity analyst 

overseeing various aspects of cybersecurity including managing security policies, conducting risk assessments, implementing security controls, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

In the complex world of cybersecurity, my passion lies in forging potent defenses against ever-evolving threats, driving innovation for robust digital security.

Shehara Perera

LLB (Hons) Law

Ms. Shehara Perera is the HR & Legal Associate at Trainocate SEANM, Attorney-at-Law (Reading). In her role, she oversees all Human Resources and legal matters, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, back-end supervision on behalf of the Managing Director, reflecting significant authority and responsibility. Shehara is also an Ambassador for the EmpowHER initiative, actively contributing to global women’s empowerment. She is passionate about cultivating an equitable workplace and dedicated to fostering support through thorough HR and legal oversight. Beyond these roles, she is committed to driving transformative change through the EmpowHER initiative. With fervor, Shehara works toward global gender equality, serving as a catalyst for empowering women with unwavering purpose and commitment.

Musharraf Azhar

BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

Mr. Musharraf Azhar works as an Assistant Lecturer at the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka. His primary role involves teaching various subjects to students of the Computing School. He’s passionate about driven by a profound enthusiasm for empowering students through education, fostering a dynamic learning environment, and contributing to their academic growth and development.