Nimeshanan Kulendra


MSc. IT, and BSc (Hons) in Software Engineer

Nimeshanan Kulendra is an ambitious and gold-driven entrepreneur and educator, with over 12 of industrial experience in the field of IT. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2009 with first-class honors from the University of Staffordshire, UK, and his masters in 2014 from the University of Cardiff Metropolitan, UK. He started his career as a software engineer and worked in various industries in the field of IT. In 2015, he became the C.I.O of Blue Ocean Group of Companies and served for over 4 years.  

Since he always had a passion for education, he founded LearnWare, in the year 2019 to teach computer science and new technologies to young minds. LearnWare is a, USA-accredited, and tech-inspired organization that educates children with STEM and Coding programs for the real world.  

In 2021, he was involved in developing the online program for children on Cyber Safety for the e-thaksalawa online government education portal. This was an initiative taken by the Ministry of Education and Leads to educate children on the safety measures in cyberspace.  

Nimeshanan, also joined APIIT Lanka, as a visiting Lecturer in 2023 and now become a part-time lecturer for the School of Computing. He is an effective communicator and resourceful lecturer who has a proven ability to enhance students’ performance to shape a better world for the students and empower them with knowledge.