Yovini Dharmapala


B.Sc in ICT, Master of HRM

Ms. Y.Y. Dharmapala holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with First Class from RUSL and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management (HRM) from UoK. With over six years of experience as a lecturer in Computing, and over four years of experience as an Academic Administrative Executive, she has solid background in both IT and HRM fields. She is passionate in multi-disciplinary research including e-health, process mining, natural language processing (NLP) and Qualitative methodologies.   

Recent Publications:  

Soft skills Evaluation in the Information Technology and Business Process Management Industry in Sri Lanka: Skills, Methods and Problems  

International Journal Of Economics, Business And Human Behaviour (IJEBHB) Vol-2, Issue-3,2021 ,ISSN: 2693-1478 · Sep 21, 2021