Internships and Careers

The benefits of internships are manifold. An internship helps you to apply whatever you have learnt in the classroom in a work setting and continue your learning in a practical context. You will understand the dynamic requirements and expectations of the industry and be inducted into work practices and corporate culture.

APIIT Internship Process

Internship orientation starts at the beginning of the 2nd year and runs throughout the year. Internship orientation consists of:

  • A broad overview of the software/IT industry
  • A deep insight into top companies through Meet the Industry Day
  • Guidance on CV writing
  • Training on interview etiquette through mock interviews
  • An introduction to corporate culture

We will facilitate internship placement and appoint an Academic mentor and an Industry mentor before you commence your internship

The internship will commence at the end of your 2nd year of study. You will choose either a 6 month internship or 1 year internship. During your internship you will:

  • Become part of a team of professionals
  • Experience a real work environment
  • Learn industry best practices
  • Experiment with cutting edge technologies
  • Solve real world problems

Your industry mentor will oversee your training and assign responsibilities that will enhance your learning. Your academic mentor will review and evaluate your learning experience in industry and guide you on further skills development.

On completion of your internship, you will present your learning experience to your academic mentor. Your work record will be assessed by your mentors and you will receive:

  • A service letter from the internship provider
  • Feedback on your internship performance
  • A record of internship performance on your academic transcript

You will commence your final year of study with confidence and a better understanding of industry expectations. This enhanced learning experience will undoubtedly increase your employability.

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