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APIIT is a leading high-quality education provider giving opportunity for you to embrace the learning at a home away from home with dedicated international student support. 

Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian ocean of South Asia, giving you the opportunity to explore life in an island with bright sunshine and a mix of multiple cultures and customs – a perfect home away from home!  See to yourself

Centrally located at 388, Union Place in the heart of Colombo, and strategically located in close proximity to shops, restaurants, malls and state of the art condominiums, APIIT is a great location to gain your experience in studying abroad. See more to yourself. 

APIIT has a highly experienced team of course admission counsellors to guide you through our application process and visa process, step-by-step with one-to-one support. Contact us for guidance. 

APIIT is home to the most sought after industry linked lecture panel, giving students the best blended learning experience, opportunity to sharpen the skills and enhance knowledge in the specialised field of study. Meet the faculty 

Our international support orientation and induction programmes will support you with your transition in studying abroad while providing you the best support to adapt to the student life at APIIT. Read more on life at APIIT and Student Support . 


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You can apply for exemptions depending on your qualifications and experience. Please feel free to contact our student admission counsellors.

Yes, we have partnered with leading corporates in the country to provide you with internships and work placement opportunities. Please feel free to contact our job placement services.

Yes, we have partner universities with high academic ranks and UGC approval. Read More

All the degree programs are available for international students. Please feel free to contact our student admission counsellors or click here to read more

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