Dr Chathura Warnasuriya

Head of Law School, Senior Lecturer, Award Coordinator - LLM

Head of Law School, Award Coordinator – LLM

Dr. Chathura Warnasuriya holds a Ph.D in Law from Brunel University London and an LLM in International Trade Law from the University of Wales Cardiff’s Institution. Whilst practicing in all areas of general commercial litigation, Dr. Warnasuriya has worked as an Associate at Global Solicitors, Wembley in the United Kingdom. He possesses experience in international business and commercial negotiations in countries across the Europe. His expertise is broadly in the areas of Corporate and Commercial laws, with particular emphasis on international trade finance. He is also an Attorney-at- Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka with over 19 years’ experience as a legal Counsel. He holds and has held a number of visiting academic appointments and has authored several works on Commercial and International Law. He is intensively involved in international fora and has given presentations and reports on contemporary legal issues at law symposiums held in many countries. 


Recent publications; 

NSBM Green University – Research Conference 2021  

Conference Paper: Force Majeure, Supervening Impossibility & Frustration of Contract in the light of COVID-19  


Kothelawala Defence University  Law Journal 2020 

Journal Article: Fraud unravels all; Do fraudulent documents invalidate a Letter of Credit?  


Brunel Law Conference 2017 

Conference Paper: Typographical errors and mistakes in the name or the address of the beneficiary of the Letter of Credit; Can the UCP 600 or the ISBP 745 provide the necessary cover?