BSc (Hons) International Business Management

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Three years (full-time) or Two years (accelerated)


Colombo / Kandy


Increasingly, businesses are becoming more and more international. Whether you’re running a corner shop or a multinational company, your business will rely on global supply chains and complex interactions across borders. This requires business management professionals to have knowledge, skills and competencies to succeed in a global business environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Our International Business Management degree will equip you with just these to navigate these challenges.

You will learn about the global economic landscape and the dynamics of the international business environment. You will learn about the rules that govern the movement of goods, services, people and capital, as well as the practicalities of trading across borders. It could range from how to enter a new market or work with a new trading partner through to understanding cultural differences. Eventually, you will acquire the skills needed to plan, organize, manage and lead business operations in a borderless world. 

You’ll explore everything from a real-world perspective, with live industry briefs, case studies and the chance to create your own consultancy to support a company. There will also be business simulations, where you could be making financial decisions and looking at where to sell your products.

The BSc (Hons) International Business Management can be completed as a three-year or a two-year (accelerated) full-time degree awarded by Staffordshire University, UK.

Teaching & Learning

The course covers topics such as the global supply chain and logistics, managing across cultures, business creativity and innovation, business ethics, and having an international business strategy. You can also delve into global marketing management and issues like social impact and adapting to climate change.

The BSc in International Business Management is rooted in what’s happening in the world today and how it affects business. Class discussions could span everything from trade deals and Brexit to the impact of global conflicts on energy supplies.

For the consultancy-based module, you’ll be working with a real company over a three-month period. It will cover a specific project which could involve marketing, HR, working on a new product line or with another area of the business.

To build further business links, there will also be career talks, visits and guest speakers from industry. You’ll learn from staff who bring a wealth of business experience and research expertise. 

All of our business courses will equip you with a diverse skillset in leadership and management and the latest knowledge of how businesses operate. You will graduate with a creative approach to problem-solving, be able to interpret and use financial data, have team-working and persuasive communication skills, and show confidence in managing time, projects and resources.


Year 1:

  • Foundations of Management
  • Introduction to Management Accounting
  • Marketing in the Business Environment
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Law
  • Foundations of Human Resource Management

Year 2:

  • Business Creativity and Innovation
  • Global Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Information Systems in Organisations
  • Managing Across Cultures
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Global Human Resource Management

Year 3:

  • International Business Strategy
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Corporate Reputation and Ethics
  • Innovative Change Management
  • Consultancy Project

Admission Requirements

The minimum qualifications required for admission to the programme on the standard route are:

A. GCE Advanced Level

  • Sri Lankan: 3 passes or
  • London, Cambridge or Edexcel : 3 D passes or
  • Any combination totalling to 12 points from the following tariff scheme:


GCE Advanced Level 

(Sri Lankan/Edexcel/Cambridge)

Points 10 8 6 4 2



B. APIIT Sri Lanka Business Foundation


GCE/GCSE Ordinary Level (Sri Lankan/Edexcel/Cambridge) with a Credit pass (Grade 4) for English


C. An equivalent qualification, subject to approval from Staffordshire University


The minimum qualifications required for admission to the programme on the accelerated route are:

A. GCE Advanced Level (Sri Lankan/Edexcel/Cambridge)

  • 3 C passes


B. GCE/GCSE Ordinary Level

  • Credit pass (Grade 4) for English


You may apply with pending A/L results. Applicants with additional qualifications may receive advanced entry subject to approval from Staffordshire University.

Career Opportunities

The breadth of this degree course will give you lots of career options in business. You will be trained to take up management positions in areas such as import, export, global marketing and international logistics. You may also look forward to rewarding careers as Global Business Professionals in multinational corporations. Typical specialist roles include:

  • International banker
  • Financial analyst
  • International strategist
  • Investment analyst
  • Trade coordinator
  • Operations manager


In recent years, graduates have also entered marketing, human resource management, become management trainees or specialised in the customer experience. Some have also progressed on to postgraduate studies or set up their own successful businesses.

Special Remarks

Our teaching is informed by research, and modules change periodically to reflect developments in the discipline. We aim to ensure that all modules run as scheduled. If for any reason a module cannot be run we will advise you as soon as possible and will provide guidance on selecting an appropriate alternative module.

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