Premuditha Perera

Head of Engineering DreamStart Labs Right after completing the final year project and even before the graduation, we were introduced to leading software firms in Sri Lanka by APIIT and were given the opportunity to apply for openings. I applied for openings at three organizations and got really good offers from all of them. As […]

Rushda Niyas

Assistant Director (Legal) Board of Investment (BOI) I joined the first batch of the Law degree programme at APIIT in 2009. After 3 years at APIIT I graduated in 2012 with a Second Class Upper in LLB (Hons) Law awarded by Staffordshire University, UK. This was a great moment for us as we were the […]

Asim Younoos

Global CEO Aviraté What drew me to APIIT was its culture and professional environment in comparison to the other institutes I visited. The entire journey at APIIT was a life changing experience. I was in one of the first few batches of the business degree where the teaching was very personalised and focused more on […]