Physical Health and Fitness

The physical health aspect is vital, and we facilitate needed medical services to the students in need. At APIIT, you have many people you can talk to regarding your health and fitness. We also have seasonal promotions giving access to our students to use the gymnasiums, sport clubs, grounds and swimming pools of the locality. In case of need please contact Student Services Unit. 

We have more than 5 private and government hospitals within 2km radius from campus, we also have visiting medical professionals on need basis and in-house first aid officers. In case of emergency, you may also call 1990 – Suwaseriya Ambulance Services hotline. 

We can support you to maintain a good physical health by directing you to nutritionists, fitness coaches, or trainers. In case of an injury within the premises, APIIT health and safety protocols will be followed. You will be administered with first aid by trained first aid providers. If needed you will be taken to an Accident Ward or OPD of the closest Hospital accompanied by a staff member. Your parents/guardians will be notified. Your safety is our priority at APIIT.