Moot Debate and Mock Mediation Club

The APIIT Moot, Debate and Mock Mediation Society (MDMMS) is founded on hearts of spirits, with lots of passion for each member and coach. Throughout the years, the moot society has expanded with the intention of providing specialized knowledge to a group of undergraduate students to diversify their skills such as communication, problem-solving, legal analysis, leadership, and the development of public speaking. The MDMMS influences future legal professionals by shaping and honing their critical legal skills and advocacy skills. Since its humble beginnings in 2019,  the MDMMS offers invaluable training opportunities for students focusing on areas such as Mooting, Debating, Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation. APIIT Mooties have achieved numerous awards and emerged as winners at both national and international levels, with outstanding success records achieved in the recent past.