New Zealand Education Centre

Either you are at APIIT or not, we provide you the transfer guidance, Visa guidance and application guidance for you to meet your dream of education in New Zealand through our subsidiary companies and New Zealand Education Centre.  We have a dedicated unit of transfer counsellors to support you with application process, visas, and transition.  […]

Study Global – University Transfer Support

If you are looking at transferring to another university, we provide you the transfer guidance, Visa guidance and application guidance free of charge. Enjoy the transfer and placement facility with one-to-one guidance from our transfer support team. 

Career Guidance, CV Support, Internships and Job Placements

At APIIT, we have a great history of 100% student job placement within 03 months of graduation. You are always encouraged to engage in work platforms in addition to the studies, so that you gain experience while studying.     Any student can reach the career guidance and job placement unit to fulfil your need for […]

Loan Support

At APIIT, we always value the efforts of parents and students put towards education. If you have financial challenges to complete the course of study, we have personalised support arranged to facilitate you with feasible solutions.   Students are also facilitated with online payments, bank loan facilities, payments via and card-based payments. 

Language Support

You can obtain individual learning support for the modules you find difficult as well as language difficulties. Faculty members and mentors (specific lecturer assigned to your batch) are always available to support you with all your academic learning matters. For any academic support need you can contact your Teaching Faculty, your Mentor, your Level Administrator […]

Additional Learning Support

At APIIT, once you register in the respective degree programme also known as award, you can view the description, content, objectives, learning outcomes, assessment method, teaching hours and other details of each module via Module descriptors in different academic levels.    During the orientation programme, we provide you details of all academic support mechanisms and guidelines. […]

First Aid and Environmental Safety

At APIIT, student and staff safety is our priority. We abide by the government safety standards and ensure that the campus adheres to fire and safety, lighting and air quality, ergonomics for studies, anti-terrorism, and safeguarding policies.     If you are a current student, you have the access to all these policies via student portal. 

Zero Hazing

APIIT has zero hazing policy, and we strongly believe any type of discrimination and harassment shall never be accepted.  At APIIT, you can contact us any time, if you think that you or a friend of yours need support to understand or overcome challenges related to the following:  Bullying and Harassment, Discrimination, Domestic Abuse, Freud/Scams, […]

Staff Health and Wellbeing

At APIIT not just students but our own staff wellbeing is also considered a vital need. We have qualified people wellbeing officers to meet the staff wellbeing needs while supporting them with needed guidance and information.  All administrative and Human capital management needs are addressed by people’s team while health and wellbeing matters are confidentiality […]

Special Needs Assistance

At APIIT, any student has equal access to our services. Under our equity, diversity and inclusion policy, any student with any ethnic or cultural background, gender, age, social class, religious belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, etc has equal opportunity to study.   If you believe you are a student in need of special assistance, we encourage you to […]