Pradeep Pallegama

MSc in IT, MSc in BC, BSc in BIT

Mr. Pradeep Pallegama is a distinguished holder of dual master’s degrees in Information Technology and Business Computing. He earned an MSc in Information Technology from RMIT University, Australia, and an MSc in Business Computing from Birmingham City University, UK. His undergraduate studies were completed at Staffordshire University, UK, through APIIT Sri Lanka. 

With a rich background spanning four years in both local and international IT industries, Mr. Pallegama has sharpen his expertise in web development, software development, and web quality assurance. Over six years, he has made substantial contributions to the academic field, undertaking teaching and administrative roles in various government and non-government universities. His responsibilities have encompassed lecturing, course coordination, consulting and the development of innovative courses in collaboration with the IT industry. 

Demonstrating leadership, Mr. Pallegama has effectively motivated and coached students, leading to successful ICT andnon-academic projects. He is a proficient team player, showcasing his collaborative skills in both academic and industry settings. Known for being a good listener, he engages effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders. 

As a former member of the Australian and British Computer Society, Mr. Pallegama combines academic prowess with a passion for public speaking. His interests extend to the realms of IoT and Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd), reflecting a commitment to staying abreast of cutting-edge technologies and their applications in the educational landscape.