Abdurrahman Ameen


MBA (PIM) – Reading, BSc (Hons) (Staffordshire), PQSCM L4 (ABE)

Mr. Abdurrahman Ameen is a Lecturer at APIIT Business School and the School of Foundation Studies. He is the Co-Pillar Leader of APIIT Life and the Coordinator for the Module ‘Self & Society’. He is currently reading his MBA at Postgraduate Institute of Management (Sri Lanka). Abdurrahman is a proud graduate of APIIT Sri Lanka who pursued the BSc. (Hons) International Business Management degree. He has also successfully attained a Level 4 qualification in the Professional Qualification in Supply Chain Management from ABE (UK). With a versatile entrepreneurial background and a growing academic foundation, Mr. Abdurrahman combines theory and valuable real-world insights in his lectures. Through his friendly and engaging style, he ensures that students not only gain knowledge but also feel comfortable and supported in their learning journey. He currently lectures Introduction to Business Environment, Marketing in Business Environment, and Global Challenges and Opportunities for both Foundation students and Undergraduates.