Vithara Mannage


Reading for MBA (Staffordshire, UK), BCom (Hons) Entrepreneurship (Kelaniya), CIMA Dip MA

Miss Vithara Mannage is a Lecturer of APIIT Business School and School of Foundation Studies while being the Patron of the APIIT Student Activity Club and the Co-Pillar Leader of APIIT Life. Being a proud alumnus of University of Kelaniya she pursued her Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Entrepreneurship as the topper of her batchVithara’s formal career started at the young age of 16 as a social media content creator and a digital marketing strategist which later shifted into field of academia as she realized her passion for sharing insights with her real-world experience and academic expertise and helping others excel in their entrepreneurial pursuits. She is currently reading for her MBA from Staffordshire University, UK with the aim to offer her students a comprehensive understanding of the world of business. She currently teaches the modules of Organizational Behaviour, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Future of Work, Marketing in Business Environments and Entrepreneurial Strategy for Business Undergraduates.