Vihanga Jayasinghe

Lecturer, APIIT Business School

MBA (reading), BCoM, BCS

Vihanga Jayasinghe is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at APIIT Business School. He is reading for his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Colombo and completed his Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) from the University of Kelaniya specialising in entrepreneurship. He is an associate member of the British Computer Society (BCS, UK).  

Vihanga is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping young undergraduates to start their business ventures. He is a strong advocate for innovation and creativity, and he is the patron of the Entrepreneurship Club of APIIT and a past vice president of the Young Entrepreneurship Association (YEA) of the University Kelaniya.  

In his teaching, Vihanga uses interactive and experiential methods to engage learners and foster their creativity and innovation. Vihanga is a researcher in entrepreneurship and currently, he is exploring the dynamics of entrepreneurial networks in the tourism sector in Sri Lanka.  

As an academic, Vihanga believes in the synergy between academic excellence, community development and welfare. He promotes community development and welfare amongst the student community at APIIT whilst being the patron of the Rotaract Club of APIIT.