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APIIT is a higher education institution with a commitment to transforming the lives of students by setting new standards for education that focus on academic excellence as well as personal development and growth. APIIT, established in collaboration with Staffordshire University, UK offers a range of undergraduate programs, post graduate programs, a pathway program to Deakin University in Australia and is excited

to introduce a new foundation program (NCUK curriculum). The NCUK curriculum is equivalent to the London A levels (Qualification standardization by NARIC UK). This program is tailored to students

wishing to pursue foreign degrees after they conclude the foundation program and therefore the curriculum is based on the degrees, they

will potentially study as an undergraduate. The program encourages collaborative learning and requires that students are provided room to

grow not just academically but personally as well. In line with the value-driven culture of APIIT, the ideal candidate will have the requisite

educational qualifications, as well as the personal qualities of love for learning, empathy and care.

Through our value-centered approach to learning, we strive to provide an environment that allows our students to challenge themselves, while deeply thinking about the real-world application of their education. Our programs are structured to allow our students to develop skills necessary to succeed in studies as well as the skills necessary to inspire change in the world around them, post-graduation. With this purpose in mind, APIIT is looking to invite to our team lecturers and educators who are passionate about using innovative and creative methods to inspire students to learn as we steer our expanding operation in the newleintroduced NCUK International Foundation Year.

APIIT Sri Lanka
APIIT Sri Lanka
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