APIIT Sri Lanka

Lakindu Hewawasam

As a final year student following Software Engineering at the School of computing, I would say my y experience at APIIT was a roller-coaster.

I came to APIIT as a person that knew very little about the industry, but with the help of the amazing career guidance team at APIIT, and their contacts with the industry, they managed to give me an opportunity to work in the industry as an intern. And that I can say, without a doubt, was where I grew as an Engineer.

I gained a vast exposure to the industry and got a glimpse of what to expect during this period. I can confidently say that APIIT has your back. They were there for me from the point where I got the interview to the time I completed my internship. It felt great to have positivity and support during that time and for that I am grateful and would recommend to get an opportunity for an internship through APIIT.”


APIIT Sri Lanka
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