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Firaz Marikkar

Upon completing my second year, APIIT arranged an industry placement for me at eCollege Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Now known as Pearson Lanka) as an Industrial trainee in Software Engineering. The process included attending a formal interview. The placement was indeed a good learning experience for me as being at eCollege showed me what it was like to be a software engineer and I was exposed to all the industry standards, best practices and guidelines for developing software with high quality standards. It also showed me the difference between programming and engineering along with how to gel with a team and working together with true team spirit. I was also exposed to working with product managers and project managers based in the U.S. during this time and I was able to get a hands-on experience on scrum. This experience enhanced my skills and helped me work on my final year project when I returned to APIIT for my final year.
APIIT Sri Lanka
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