21 Sep, 2021

Fathima Hafsa Abdul Hudha

Mrs Hafsa Hudha is an attorney-at-law who graduated from Staffordshire University with an LLB (Hons.). She is currently reading for her Master of Business Studies at the University of Colombo. In addition, she holds a Diploma in Foreign Affairs from the BIDTI awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At present, Mrs Hudha is attached to the corporate division of D.L. & F. De Saram, a tier-one legal firm and, she had completed her apprenticeship at Nithya Partners. 

Mrs Hudha is someone who is environmentally conscious and spent her pioneering years as a legal consultant to Environmental Foundation Limited. She was involved in dialogue with the government, civil society organisations and communities to promote environmental conservation efforts and policy reform. In furtherance of her passion for environmental conservation, she is currently attached to the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka. Mrs Hudha is an avid contributor to the literature — she has authored books, contributed to publications and research papers, and presented her work in international conferences. She is also a national mooter. 

Mrs Hafsa is a believer in diversified knowledge and her primary values are woven around the willingness to learn, the foresight that everything can be fixed, and empathy towards humans and the planet alike. 

Ext-206/ Email- hafsa@apiit.lk  

Part-time faculty member  

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