LLB (Hons) Law

LLB (Hons) Law

The Staffordshire University LLB focusses not only on giving students an in-depth knowledge of law, but also on developing in them the skills and competencies needed for the legal profession. To this end, the programme comprises of modules that provide foundational and specialized knowledge of law, as well as modules which aim to develop skills such as research, negotiation, public speaking, presentation, communication, and team work.

Year 1 of the programme provides knowledge of the foundation principles of law, and develops basic legal skills through a set of core modules. Year 2 of the programme focuses on furthering knowledge on core legal principles and also provides students an opportunity to develop a specialization by studying an optional module either in the area of Business Law or in Human Rights Law. In the final year, students will study one core module and will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of current and industry relevant optional modules taking into consideration their interests and career aspirations.
Teaching and learning is based primarily on lectures, tutorials and workshops. Whilst lectures are very important, there is great emphasis on tutorials and workshops that promote peer learning as well as independent learning. Workshops take a variety of forms: discussions, individual and group presentations, or tasks such as interviewing and advising a client. These develop both legal knowledge and skills such as analytical thinking and problem solving.

On successful completion of the LLB (Hons) Law, students will be awarded with a Staffordshire University degree


  • English Legal System and Legal Skills (core)
  • Tort and Civil Remedies (core)
  • Contract and Problem Solving (core)
  • Law and Society (core)
  • Constitutional Law (core)


  • Criminal Law (core)
  • Property Law and Application (core)
  • Administrative Law and Human Rights (core)
  • European Union Law (core)
  • Business Law and Commercial Awareness (optional)
  • International Human Right Law (optional)
  • Introduction to the Law of Evidence (optional)

  • Law of Trusts and Equitable Remedies (core)
  • Commercial Transactions (optional)
  • Human Rights (optional)
  • International Intellectual Property Law (optional)
  • Sri Lankan Labour Law (optional)
  • Sri Lankan Company Law (optional)
  • Public International Law (optional)
  • Dissertation (optional)
  • Research Project (optional)
  • Work Experience (optional)
  • Mooting (optional)
  • Information Technology Law (optional)

Admission Requirements

The minimum qualifications required for admission are;

GCE Advanced Level with 3 passes at one and the same sitting with a Credit pass for English at the GCE Ordinary Level


GCE Advanced Level (London, Cambridge or Edexcel) with 2 passes at one and the same sitting


Successful completion of the APIIT Law Degree Foundation



You may apply pending A/L results. If you wish to enter the legal practice in Sri Lanka, you must have a Credit pass in Sinhala/Tamil at the GCE Ordinary Level examination.

Career Opportunities

The Staffordshire Law Graduate will be able to enter the world of work with the unique advantage of having strong Legal Skills combined with the key skills of Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. They will be fully prepared to pursue further professional training for legal practice.

Alternatively, they may choose from a wide range of career options and commence their careers as Legal Executives, Legal Researchers, Academics, Legislators and Human Resource Executives. These careers may take you to positions of responsibility and help you influence the advancement of our society.




MDMM Society


The APIIT Moot, Debate and Mock Mediation Society (‘MDMMS’) is a platform designed to elevate and enrich the law students’ experience, through education and skills development, as they progress towards becoming young law professionals

Officially inaugurated in 2019, the MDMMS is primarily associated with the APIIT Law School. However, it witnesses participation from a variety of educational backgrounds including the APIIT Business School and Computing School.

With a focus on Mooting, Debating, Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation, the MDMMS encourages students to participate in a diverse range of events. Members of the society have secured numerous championships and awards at competitions that are recognized at a regional and international scale.

Over the past two years, the MDMMS has successfully created a network of talented alumni, who, with the help of the Law School Staff and MDMMS Patron, intensively coach students to become professional orators, debaters, mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators.

Alongside competitions, the MDMMS engages the student community by organizing a variety of educational and social events, which provide an opportunity for students to give back to the community.

The MDMMS warmly welcomes you to our community of enthusiasts in diverse fields.

 Register here



The APIIT Law School International Negotiation Competition (ALSINC 2021) is Sri Lanka’s first international negotiation competition aimed at enhancing the standards of global negotiation and strives to be a leading platform that provides students the opportunity to equip themselves with invaluable knowledge, skills and diplomacy with respect to negotiation.

ALSINC 2021 is scheduled to take place in mid-September this year and competing teams will be hosted on an online platform due to the prevailing conditions. ALSINC has integrated a multitude of features such as educational webinars and networking events that will engage competing teams as well as professionals to provide a memorable competition experience.

Committed to ensuring that we reach communities all around the globe, ALSINC advocates for cultural and socio-economic diversity and inclusivity to ensure that the registered teams obtain a competition experience of the highest calibre. To date, ALSINC has confirmed several registrations of international and national teams.

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Mediation Achievements:

● IMSG (International Mediation Singapore) Team – Afzal, Juhi, Amhar and Yugan – Silver medal for mediation advocacy

● Bucerius Law School Mediation Competition – Ashani, Amrah, Sumhiya, Kandula and Shanara – Ranked 4th out of 22 international teams. Ashani and Sumhiya were nominated for best negotiation

● ICC Paris – Ashani, Amrah and Shanara – Ranked 10th out of 48 international teams and secured a special award for acknowledgement of cultural differences.

● MCB Mediation Nationals – Sadiyah, Umar, Adithya and Tharuka – Ranked 1st and won a special award for best creative solutions

● International Mediation Singapore – IMSG 2019 – Bronze Medal

● Online Dispute Resolution Competition on Negotiation 2020 organized by PACT India.


Debating Achievements:

● Herbert’s Wrangle Debate Competition – Umar, Tharuka and Thulja – Runners up

● University of Colombo, Inter-University Debate Championship – Kowshigan, Pirathayine and Mayureshan – Ranked 5th place – Kowshigan and Mayureshan ranked as best speakers


Mooting Achievements:

● H. V. Perera QC Memorial Moot Court Competition 2019 (Sri Lanka’s only prestigious international commercial arbitration competition) – Runner-up

● Willem C. Vis Moot on International Commercial Arbitration National Rounds – 2nd Runner-up and award for Best Claimant and Respondent Memorandums

● Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition – 2nd Runner-up

● H. V. Perera QC Memorial Moot Court Competition 2020 – Runner-up in Best Respondent Memorandum

● KDU Moot Court Competition – Asel, Nohim, Maryam and Thulja – Semi-finalists

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