NCUK International Year One in Law

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The International Year One in Law is a first-year undergraduate equivalent programme that builds students’ knowledge and skills in the Law field.

Students who successfully complete the International Year One in Law gain guaranteed access to the second year of an international bachelor’s degree at a top-ranked university with many degree courses to choose from.

Teaching & Learning

Students enrolled in the International Year One in Law complete a total of 5 modules (3 modules over both semesters and 1 module each per semester).

Over both Semesters
Contract Law
Criminal Law
Public Law

Semester 1
English Legal System and Legal Research Skills

Semester 2
Tort Law

The assessment breakdown is generally 50% coursework and 50% exam. Each semester will include formative tasks that will prepare you for the later summative assessments. You will also complete homework assignments, engage with past examination questions and other activities. For the summative assessments, you will be evaluated separately in each module.

Admission Requirements

Obtained a minimum of 64 NCUK foundation points with a C in at least 2 subjects following study of the NCUK IFY programme and have achieved at least an NCUK EAP ‘C grade.


Obtained a minimum of grade ‘C’ in 2 relevant UK recognised (Edexcel/Cambridge) ‘A’ level subjects

obtained a minimum of grade ‘S’ in 3 relevant Sri Lankan ‘A’ level subjects, achieved a GCE (O/L) Credit (Grade 4) Pass for English and achieved a score of 5.5 on the password test.

Have completed a satisfactory entry interview designed to assess motivation, post diploma study plans and preparedness for the programme.

Special Remarks

Programme commencement is subject to management approval, for more Information please contact student admission counsellors.

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