Mehr Gunawardena


BA English and Political Science (Clark University), CELTA

Mehr Imaan Gunawardena an imaginative and empathetic professional, with both writing and teaching experience catering to a diverse range of people. She is creative and intuitive; and not afraid to think and work outside the box. Mehr is an expressive member of any team, who is ready to inspire and push boundaries.  

Mehr is a passionate graduate of Clark University (USA) with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English and Political Science. Focusing her research on Fantasy/Sci-fi literature, Black political literary movements, and Book History she has a unique perspective and experiences. In addition, she has a CELTA qualification as well as Trauma support training. This informs her classroom conduct and practices.  

Mehr began her professional career as a full-time writer. Starting as a Broadway critic in New York, to then working as the Deputy Editor of a National Sri Lankan Newspaper. Her professional background has provided her with knowledge and experience of the practical and transferrable application of the nuances within the English Language.  

Furthermore, Mehr has been teaching in various capacities throughout her adult life. This exposure has helped to develop her own pedagogy that will not only push students to thrive within subject, but also as critical, accountable, and empathetic individuals. Mehr teach English for Academic purposes for the NCUK programme as well as for the General Foundation programme. She has additionally taken on the role as Faculty advisor for the APIIT Media club the Catalyst.