11 Sep, 2021

APIIT Law School International Negotiation Competition 2021

     ALSINC 2021

The APIIT Law School International Negotiation Competition (ALSINC 2021) is Sri Lanka’s first international negotiation competition set to take place on the 16th of September. It is aimed at enhancing the standards of global negotiation and strives to be a leading platform that provides students the opportunity to equip themselves with invaluable knowledge, skills and diplomacy with respect to negotiation.

The competition will be hosted on an online platform due to the prevailing conditions. ALSINC has integrated a multitude of features such as educational webinars and networking events that will engage competing teams as well as professionals to provide a memorable competition experience.

Committed to ensuring that we reach communities all around the globe, ALSINC advocates for cultural and socio-economic diversity and inclusivity to ensure that the registered teams obtain a competition experience of the highest calibre. To date, ALSINC has confirmed several registrations of international and national teams.

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