APIIT Business undergraduates voluntarily continued their charity initiative at the Vajira Children’s Development Centre in Kotte. Their initiative focused on organising a tea party for the children in order to spend some quality time with them. Activities such as storytelling and singing in addition to the little pleasantries brought joy and laughter to everyone. With little gifts, not only were they able to make these children smile despite their loneliness, but they also provided support and inspiration for their learning. The event was funded purely by the students themselves.

Organized by the Student Activity Club, APIIT held its annual Wesak Dansala on the 12th of May where 75kg of chickpeas (Kadala) was distributed with the support of current students as well as alumni. The Dansala was held at the Bauddhaloka Wesak Kalapaya.

APIIT celebrated the arrival of the Sri Lankan New Year at the Hyde Park Grounds in Colombo. Traditional events such as selecting an Avurudu Kumaraya and Avurudu Kumari, Kotta Pora, Kamba Adeema, Kana Mutti, Sack races, and Sangawunu Amuththa were held at the event. Praveen Pieris was this year’s Avurudu Kumaraya and Raveesha Patabandige was his female counterpart at the event.
The event saw both students as well as staff taking part and being part of the revelry.

Held on Saturday, 8th of April in the grandest scale yet, the APIIT Futsal tournament was open to students of invitee universities as well as students of APIIT. Two tournaments were run parallel where the teams competed for the “Inter-APIIT Futsal Tournament” and the “Community Shield”.
The curiously named “Your Mama” and “No Mercy” teams clashed at the finals where the former emerged victorious and was awarded the title of Inter-APIIT Futsal Champion.

The Student Support Services of APIIT, in collaboration with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), organized a Mannequin Challenge. Believed to have begun in 2010 with the creation of a Dr. Dre music video, the mannequin challenge requires that people are filmed while standing motionless.
APIIT has added its own flavour to this work of art by modifying it to be an ice breaker event where freshmen mingle with students of the current batches and work in teams to win the challenge. All members of the winning team walk away with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) card, which avails them of a host of benefits from a variety of merchants here and abroad.
For more details on the ISIC, please refer their website www.isic.lk.

The Inter APIIT Basketball Tournament was held on the 22nd of April at the Mercantile Cricket Association Basketball courts. A total of 8 teams played on a league basis, which was followed by a knockout series. The tournament was aimed at selecting the best players for the upcoming Inter-University Basketball Championship.

APIIT lends a hand in training teachers

The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) entered into an MoU with the Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) on the 18th of May 2017. This is the first instance in which a private educational institution has partnered with the association.
APIIT is the largest provider of foreign degrees in Sri Lanka. Now in its 17th year of operation, APIIT continues its dynamic growth continually enhancing student learning experience and learning opportunities.
SLASSCOM acts as a catalyst of growth to the Sri Lankan IT and Business Process Management (BPM) industries. The association’s focus is on facilitating trade, business, education and employment. SLASSCOM actively encourages research and innovation in IT and BPM with the ultimate aim of supporting the creation of a progressive national IT policy framework.
Together with SLASSCOM, APIIT envisions an increase in collaboration that will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Emphasis will be placed on fostering research and development and innovation in ICT higher education through industry involvement.
Information Technology is perhaps the most rapidly evolving field today, and it is necessary for educators to keep abreast with the industry trends and requirements. Under this agreement, APIIT will be able to glean first hand input directly from the industry which can then be incorporated into its curriculum.
While educators must be aware of changes in industry requirements, it is essential that industry too has a sound understanding of the education provision of IT institutes. Timely industry input into the curriculum is one of the key outcomes expected through this partnership.
APIIT, recently having streamlined its internship programme, is in a position to furnish industry with a regular inflow of interns. SLASSCOM will be able to ensure that interns are channeled into the industry efficiently. Together, APIIT and SLASSCOM will be able to direct both interns and graduates to internship or employment opportunities that are most suited to both employer and employee.
Through its 175-strong membership base and wide social network, SLASSCOM is in a position to promote all APIIT events that are in line with SLASSCOMs objectives. APIIT will host SLASSCOM events and promote student participation in such events. Through increased participation in these events, students will be able to build a professional network for themselves even before the completion of their studies. A firm foundation will thus be laid on which they can build their professional careers.
APIIT and SLASSCOM look forward to working together to foster closer ties between the academia and industry to increase the national output of high quality, industry-ready graduates and contribute significantly to the Sri Lankan ICT industry’s march towards becoming a US$ 5 billion industry by 2022.

The APIIT Student Activity Club organised an event to celebrate the Sinhala and Hindu New Year. “APIIT wjQre¦ 2016” was organized in order to create social and intercultural harmony among APIIT undergraduates. A range of Avurudu Games, Avurudu food and New Year music was organized to celebrate the festival.

This year, the SAC in collaboration with Imperial Institute of Higher Education (IIHE) and Sri Lanka Unites (SLU) organized 'Urban Legends' the first ever inter-university street football festival in Sri Lanka. The event was a great success as many football enthusiasts got the opportunity to display their skills in Street Football, Freestyle Football and FIFA Gaming while enjoying an evening of music and dance.

APIIT Toastmasters Club (TMC) had many successes in the first half of 2016. The APIIT TMCs Newsletter was in the 'Top 5 Best Newsletters' amongst 186 clubs of Sri Lanka and South-India, surpassing corporate clubs and advanced clubs, in terms of content contribution by members, creativity and design. Currently, the APIIT TMC has raised its Membership to 28 members who are dedicated and passionate to better themselves; this number is on a steady rise.

Ifthar is the evening meal marking the end of the daily Ramadan fast at sunset. At Ifthar 2016, the entire student body of APIIT participated in solidarity with their Muslim brethren. This is one of the many events that promotes intercultural harmony at APIIT.

Creative & entrepreneurial marketing ideas

APIIT Business School fresher’s showcased their creative marketing ideas at the exhibition displayed on the 28th July 2016

Students are refining their interview etiquette at the session conducted by Embla Software Innovation (pvt) Ltd.

Leadership & Career Guidance Conference by APIIT & Kandy Schools Past Pupils Association.

The conference was conducted at Girls High School for Advance level & Ordinary level students of Kandy schools

Career Guidance Workshop at St. Lawrence’s Convent